Everyone asks me who the girl is. She's my high school friend Erin Fujikawa. She's a teacher and a surfer and she doesn't use social media at all. We shot the video on O`ahu during an onslaught of flash floods. We had two different weather apps open on our phones, with cloud cover maps and everything, and literally chased the sun for two days. Luckily, the clouds cleared for brief moments at some of my favorite spots on the island, and I think Jeff was pretty happy that his camera wasn't damaged from the deluge. I was stoked to shoot the opening scene in the mountains above my house in Kane`ohe, where I spent a lot of time wandering and swinging on vines as a kid. We're still looking for the guy who stole my sister's skateboard during the shoot at Kailua Beach.



It was February 2009, two months before my first son Jahyoo was born. I took Bahia to a park on Lake Washington for a run. Maybe it was the winter sunshine and maybe it was Gregory Isaacs bumping in my truck on the way there, but as soon as we arrived a waterfall of emotions and a stream of words from the universe took me over, and in five minutes I had written "Love You Better." We recorded it on the second Kore Ionz full-length, World War Free. After going to #1 on Native FM (Big Island) and #4 on Island 98.5 (O`ahu) we decided we had better release a video. Jeff had shot a bunch of live footage and we threw a house party at Kizamu's to get some nice family shots, but it was on a flight back from Hawai`i that we shot in the plane with just the overhead cabin lights that really tied the video together.


Banner photo by Meron Menghistab